What is it I have inside me that I would want you to know? That I would want to share with you so that you may live a life of joyous magic. Creating your dream in every moment & living with great passion and immeasurable happiness?

I would want you to know that you are loved beyond measure.

That you were created of love itself.

That you are love, manifesting itself.

That your consciousness is infinite…That – Is your true nature.

How hard it can seem that we come here and compartmentalise all that we are, our infinite selves into this seemingly tiny expression.

Well I can tell you that you are not tiny! You are grand and magnificent and shining. You are a gift and your life is a gift. Every moment is a gift, an opportunity to express your divine self, your divine nature – your DIVINITY. You ARE THAT, and can never not be.

When I was a little girl I knew that I was different, that there was something ‘big’ inside me. I felt so deeply and found it very hard to rationalise my experience here. I was so full of life & my sense of self.

I was blessed with the best mother a little girl like me could dream of. She loved, and loves me fiercely. She constantly gifted me the knowing that there was nothing more important to her than her children & that I could have, be or do anything that I put my mind to.

I am blessed beyond blessed to have a mother like her. There is nothing more precious in this experience of life than to come to understand the nature of unconditional love. Yet as much as I love my mother I could never, ever have truly comprehended the preciousness of her gift until I myself birthed a little girl. Now my mother’s love, my mother’s passion for my joy, my mother’s all encompassing, all powerful expression of truth has become her legacy. My mother taught me how to be a mother by demonstrating a love that never ends – that has no end – that knows no bounds. There is nothing she would not do – even when I took so much that I’m sure she had to scrape the bottom of the barrel of her soul – my mother was there, undeniably, unfalteringly, unwavering, she was there. Showing me how much I was loved, cherished and adored.

Now don’t get me wrong, I made every mistake there is to make, pushed harder than anyone should push, took more than anyone should take, but do you know what? I figured the rest out on my own. I found my way when it mattered most because there was something there – calling my name through eternity so I could find my way back home – LOVE, Angel – You are love….and there I found myself, stripped of every untruth that had ever pervaded my consciousness. In the nothing of the nothing of the nothing… I was there – and I was love, and I was loved….and now it was time to wake up from the dream that I was ever anything but…and so I awoke – dazed and confused but sure – SURE! That nothing was ever going to be the same again and OH. MY. GOD… It’s good to be alive!