Magical Thing 2


Personal Written Transmission For You

This is a written transmission that you will receive via email.

I will connect with your Heart the same way that I bring all of my transmissions/activations through (like the ones you read on my Instagram and FB pages), but this reading will be brought through just for You.

Your Transmission/Highest Self Message works as a Personal Activating Anchor to Your Highest Potential… A reminder of Your True Nature that becomes your guide stone as often as you choose to call on it.

My transmissions are very powerful and the layers continue to reveal themselves over time… even months and years later new awareness continues to be revealed.

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. You will receive an email from me with more information and further instructions immediately after purchase. Don’t forget to check your SPAM.

Please note: This activation will be created & written by me – for You, through your own Highest Self and Free Will. It is designed to calibrate You to Your High Truth and Potential. It is a Powerful reminder of Who You Really Are and what will most deeply serve you at this time.

“Oh dear Angel, I almost don‘t have the words to describe what your beautiful words touched inside my soul… deeply deeply received with all my being. I have tears in my eyes, it‘s like receiving a direct message from the Divine.”

“Wow, so beautiful and so powerful, the energy behind the words are still reverberating through my body!!! Thank you for the message.”

“I have sat here reading and re-reading your words almost out of breath in awe with a tear in my eye as I feel like you have seen and truly heard my heart. Like an Angel has come down from above and sat beside me and said “I see and honour who you are”.”

BONUS MAGICAL THING 1: THE BELOVED IS WITHIN Manifest the Greatest Love of All Time – Guided Audio Program

This powerful audio program is designed to deeply reprogram your subconscious relationship to Union. 

Seeing as the subconscious mind is what drives over 90% of our behaviour… we must get under the bonnet and rewire ourselves from the inside out if we want to change our relationship to reality! This is a perfect way to be guided gently into this process while receiving powerful results!

“I felt every word as though it seeped into me and touched my Soul! Beautiful!”

“Electric chills thru my entire soul.”