The Beloved Is Within

I’ve read a few things lately about the rise of the feminine but with a huge overtone of ‘f*%k you’ to the patriarchy and, well… it just felt yuck to me. So much has happened to create this great schism. So much. I live in awe and gratitude for the freedom I know because of the ones who have come before me and we cannot and must not forget. Forget who we are, in truth.

But what is it to be truly Sovereign? Real freedom may only come when we are able to stand in our sovereignty and experience radical forgiveness, to choose radical forgiveness. A wise person once said that not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and expecting the rat to die, and so true it is. There is only one way out of this…. and it’s love. Unconditional love. When we are able to go deep inside… to all those ‘ugly’ places hidden far below the surface… the ones we aren’t willing to see, to acknowledge, the ones we don’t know how to accept, like or love. When we are able to go deep inside and meet all those places…. to hold them, integrate them and to love them. Then we can meet all of ourselves, we free ourselves from this story. It’s an inside job… an inconvenient truth, I know… but it is! It must always be an inside job, and when we agree to do this inner work, we create a new possibility inside of ourselves, and for the rest of humanity. A possibility of love – free from victimhood or blame. A possibility of sovereignty and beyond that of Union, Divine Union. What would that world look like? I’m not yet sure, but in all that I am, there is one thing I know… my life is dedicated to, and offered up in service to finding out.

In my humble opinion, it is when we rise above our ability to merely reclaim our feminine ’power’ that we may understand that true power comes from our own ability to set ourselves free – in Unconditional Love. We will not be truly free until we can forgive, we will not have truly reclaimed our feminine power until we can love unconditionally and we will not ever be whole until we can find that place inside of us that loves so truly and with such reverence that we long to be united with our Divine Counterpart. This rabbit hole goes so much deeper than polarity; feminine masculine, yin yang, light and dark – It is only in the Union that we may realise enlightenment, freedom, love and truth because in truth we are all one. There is no separation. That is love. That – Is – Love.

We must take this to the next step…. We must…. for what is point in reclaiming half of ourselves? The Beloved Is Within❤️