Magical Thing 3


Well, this is exciting! I’m so glad you’re here! 6 Weeks together… When you know, you know… and I’m looking forward to what we get up to during our time together.

I am so excited for the three beautiful souls that choose to take up this extraordinary offer! This will be a bespoke delivery & we will cover what most deeply serves you. It is suitable for a man or woman with a pure Heart who feels the call to work with me intimately… or perhaps:

• Someone who wants to massively increase their connection to their Higher Self and Higher Wisdom to get aligned with where you Know You Are Going, and the Life you were born for.

• A man who is ready to unleash The True Masculine within Himself & his life & Discover all of the Pleasure, Loving Power & Influence that comes with that.

• Someone ready to attract the greatest Love of all time! We will uncover everything that you don’t realise is holding you back from manifesting the relationship you truly desire. Bespoke Sacred Union Coaching.

• A man seeking to become the best version of himself and becoming an energetic match to the woman of his dreams AND many practical tips on what women truly desire from a high quality man. How to show up in the highest integrity for her and yourself to create a joyous, love-filled life!

• A man with a Higher Calling in his Heart to Serve Good in this World who may have become jaded & caught up in the negative narratives of the last few years & have found yourself feeling dissatisfied & unsure of how to best serve your Purpose, Pleasure & Legacy.

• One who feels like an Angelic who has found it difficult to stay calibrated to their Truest Light in this dense world & is deeply ready to receive a transmission of their own Holy Glory, and then receive practical mentoring on anchoring the incredible Lighthouse of Love that you are for your own Divine Nourishment, and also fulfilment of your Great Purpose.

• Anyone who has been curious to know what it is like to have one on one time with me as a coach and mentor without committing to a much larger investment. I am a Highly attuned Divine Channel who is also very fun, funny, down to earth, a straight shooter, and a highly accomplished business and finance strategist with 16 years experience.

“Working with Angel is better than easy. It is blissful. Angel holds an incredibly strong energetic container and I always feel totally safe and nurtured by her.”

“Drawing on generations of spiritual knowledge, as well as her own life experiences and struggles, Angel is gifted in being able to communicate, and breaks things down so they are easy to understand. She is now my confidante and counsel in all matters of the mind and heart, and I thank her for helping me turn my life around.”

“OMGOODNESS, you are a blessing indeed. You are touching me in some of the most guarded places in my heart right now. The way you speak of Union keeps my hope alive. Thank you Angel.”


Your 6 Week High Level One on One Container will include:

• Bespoke transmissions and activations during our time together
• 6 calls 1 hour each
• Weekday message access between our calls
• A Personal Transmission channeled and recorded just for you, created into a guided audio session which you can think of as a personal activating anchor to your Highest Potential
• A whole lot of fun and Magic!


BONUS MAGICAL THING 1: THE BELOVED IS WITHIN: Manifest the Greatest Love of All Time – Guided Audio Program

This powerful audio program is designed to deeply reprogram your subconscious relationship to Union. 

Seeing as the subconscious mind is what drives over 90% of our behaviour… we must get under the bonnet and rewire ourselves from the inside out if we want to change our relationship to reality! This is a perfect way to be guided gently into this process while receiving powerful results!

BONUS MAGICAL THING 2: Personal Highest Self Transmission & Activation

This is a Personalised, Written Transmission that you will receive via email.

I will connect with your Heart the same way that I bring all of my transmissions through, but this one will be just for you.

You can think of your transmission as a personal activating anchor to your Highest Potential. A reminder of Your True Nature that becomes your guide stone as often as you choose to call on it.

“Angel your words have touched something so deep within me and left tears rolling down my face here. They touched me as if they had been spoken softly by a lover with a gentle touch and they were filled with love and support. I didn’t know it, but you and your loving words were exactly what I needed. You have struck me deep in that place where everything else is absent and all that remains is love in its purest form.

Your energy is like the most beautiful of hugs from that someone special. It’s so beautifully soft, so gentle, so feminine, so loving yet so strong and supportive. It’s a safe and secure place to lay my head, let go of being strong and being what the world perceives a man ought to be, and lets tears escape in the safety of your loving embrace. Your energy makes it not just ok, but celebrates the letting go and supports me afterwards as I get back up to go back out into the world.

Your energy takes away the trepidation’s and allows a sense of joy and wonder and I go back out into the world with a sense of play.

Thank you Angel.”

Dave Morris