Magical Thing 3 – 6 Weeks With Me One on One

USD 2,222.00



6 weeks with me one on one!

This one is humbling and a little emotional for me because there were so many times on my journey when I would have been so incredibly grateful to have access to a one on one coach or mentor at this price! Oh My goodness, this is beautiful and I am so excited for the three beautiful souls that choose to take up this extraordinary offer! This will be a bespoke delivery & we will cover what most deeply serves you. It is suitable for anyone with a pure Heart who feels the call or perhaps:

Someone who wants to massively increase their connection to their Higher Self and Higher Wisdom to get aligned with where you Know You Are Going, and the Life you were born for.
A man who is ready to unleash The True Masculine within Himself & his life & Discover all of the Pleasure, Loving Power & Influence that comes with that.
A man with Higher Calling in his Heart to Serve Good in this World who may have become jaded & caught up in the negative narratives of the last few years & have found yourself feeling dissatisfied & unsure of how to best serve your Purpose, Pleasure & Legacy.
A man wishing to dissolve sexual programming & release the massive distortion surrounding this foundational energy of creation so that you can reclaim your Sexuality for Love, for Purpose, for Pleasure, for Life-force!
One who feels like an Angelic who has found it difficult to stay calibrated to their Truest Light in this dense world & is deeply ready to receive a transmission of their own Holy Glory, and then receive practical mentoring on anchoring the incredible Lighthouse of Love that you are for your own Divine Nourishment and also fulfillment of your Great Purpose.
Anyone who has been curious to know what it is like to have one on one time with me as a coach and mentor without committing to a much larger investment. I am a Highly attuned Divine Channel who is also very fun, funny, down to earth, a straight shooter, and a highly accomplished business and finance strategist with 16 years experience.