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During this audio session, my voice will guide you gently through a comforting and nurturing – but powerful process to bring you into real connection with yourself while being held closely by me…

“It is only in the Union that we may realise enlightenment”

This journey to Sacred Union must begin by adressing the largest cause of suffering we face as a human race.

Research tells us we are experiencing epidemic levels of anxiety and disconnection.

The process you will experience during this guided audio session is an antidote to that disconnection. We must begin at home. We MUST begin within.

In this relaxing and gentle process I will guide you to meet your feelings, while you are held in a safe & loving energy.

I get it – we will do almost anything to avoid facing our feelings right? Facebook and Insta scrolling, housework, busy work, dental work 😉 … anything we can think of to distract ourselves.

So what better way to move towards what you truly DO long for, than to be lovingly held by a Living Embodiment of Sacred Union as you are guided through this relaxing meditative process.

I have been where you are my Darling, and I have journeyed through being beyond broken, physically, mentally and financially, to become what I am today… and would you believe me if I told you that it all starts with this simple process? 😉

This is the stuff they didn’t teach us as we grew. Not having access to simple yet powerful processes like this one is why most people on the planet are left feeling empty, unfulfilled, depressed, anxious and often looking outside of themselves for love, validation & comfort.

This practice is a gift that you can only give yourself and ultimately has the power to set you free from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

This is where all the good stuff starts my darling. Click on the blue box below to download your audio session.

NOTE: I highly recommend listening to the audio with headphones. The session takes 15 minutes and there is another 15 minutes of relaxing music. 

Please do not listen while operating machinery! 🙂

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