The Beloved

is Within

I guide men and women to embody and manifest Sacred Union via my Powerful Transmissions & Paradigm Shifting Courses & Events

I am guided always by a simple purpose…

A simple and yet radical notion…

That everything that ails this world can, and will be healed by Sacred Union – Divine Union.

… And so… I am leading a revolution of Sacred Union on this planet with SO. MUCH. LOVE.

I serve this always and forever. It is who I am… Why I was born… It’s the fabric of my existence.

We can and we must… No… We ARE coming together.

Coming Home.

It’s time to come inside now. It’s been a long night… But as the Sun starts to rise on this exquisite morning – This exquisite day…

We look around at all of the hearts uniting… United – In Love, and we can see now…

It seems so clear that the Beloved is right here.

The Beloved has been here all along…

We can see that the Beloved has always been… Within.

For a long as I can remember

My heart has been full of a simple intention for my life:

“May I be a beacon of Unconditional Love in all that I do”

That’s been written on my old pink journal in silver ink since I was a wee young lass.

I’m not gunna lie…. Today my life is a joyous miracle of creation. One where I get to live out that intention, and countless others, every, single, day.

I am free, healthy, blissful AF and very, very loved. I live in paradise, I designed my life that way because I chose to…

But more awesome than any of the ‘stuff’ is all the stuff you can’t see. All that stuff is just a side effect of the real magic… the magic of Love, Sovereignty and Unfathomable Freedom inside my heart.

The kind of stuff that can only be forged when you’re willing to exist in… and indeed transmute the fires of hell!

Once you realise you ARE fucking magic… you can create your life any way you like. You can place the game pieces wherever You see fit. So…


My point is…

I didn’t just magically wake up all skittles and rainbows oneday. I’ve faced off with the most terrifying Demons. Some of them figurative, and some of them very real… and oh yeah… a couple of actual ‘real life’ demons somewhere in there too. #truestory 😂

And… I used the same thing to tame every single one of them and turn utter destruction into the life beyond my dreams…

Wanna know what it is, what it’s always been and what it always will be?

The Unconditional Love in My Heart…

That’s pretty much it really… Were you hoping for an answer that was a bit more… sensational? 😂

Well, I think it’s pretty bloody sensational that we each have a force inside of us, so strong, that when we choose to embody it fully… There is no force in existence that can stand in opposition to it.

That force, that power, is available to each one of us in any moment, in EVERY moment… Should we just be willing to take the steps which enable us to embody it.

Yes… You are Invincible, you are Eternal, you are Infinite. Even if you don’t know that right now… That’s okay.

I know it, and I know it enough for the both of us. Promise. 😉

Don’t worry… I got you baby.

The Beloved Is Within.