The Beloved is Within

I guide men and women to embody and manifest Sacred Union via my Powerful Transmissions & Paradigm Shifting Courses & Events

Let My Voice Guide You To Your Beloved…

You Long For Connection With Your Divine Counterpart

More than my words could ever speak of…

You long to be United, Merged in Love, Merged in Union.

You long for this more than even your own Tender Heart can tell you.

There is a part of you that longs for this Union…

More than Any. Other. Thing…

“Angel’s method of healing, by channeling light, love and self empowerment is truly amazing.”

A long time ago something was taken from us… from you.

No one saw it happen and no one saw the truth.

It’s been staring us right in the face for millennia…

But maybe the truth hurts too much to see.

The truth that our very own hearts were stolen…

From you, and from me.

You see… We weren’t designed this way.

We weren’t ever designed as two halves to one whole.

We weren’t.


We were created as WHOLE, COMPLETE, PERFECT & SOVEREIGN Beings.

When the Feminine Heart was stolen, she was stolen from inside of YOU!

Men were decimated, desecrated, tortured and tormented JUST as much as women when the FEMININE HEART was stolen from CREATION.


My Darling it’s time to wake up now.

It’s time to reclaim what’s yours…

What’s more precious than anything else…

It’s time to come home. Let me show you the way.

The Beloved is Within

Working with Angel is better than easy. It is blissful. Angel holds an incredibly strong energetic container and I always feel totally safe and nurtured by her.

Feelin’ the Love

“Drawing on generations of spiritual knowledge, as well as her own life experiences and struggles, Angel is gifted in being able to communicate, and breaks things down so they are easy to understand. She is now my confidante and counsel in all matters of the mind and heart, and I thank her for helping me turn my life around.”

Ed Doerr - FIFO Worker

Western Australia

“This women is for real. Angel is a beautiful, powerful lighthouse of Love. She is a living invitation for you to remember that you are that and nothing but that – Love. Thank you Angel!”

Timiann Olsen - Healer & Workshop Facilitator

Copenhagen, Denmark

“It is only in the Union that we may realise enlightenment. The Beloved Is Within”

Sacred Transmissions

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The Beloved Is Within

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